Motocross/Enduro Front 80/100-21off road

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Motocross/Enduro Front 80/100-21 off road

Medium terrain compound for a wide variety of riding terrain, will give you excellent performance and wear without the hefty price tag.  55% natural rubber content for good grip over different surfaces. All our tyres have 6 ply rating to give excellent sidewall strength thus greatly reducing the possibility of rocks and other sharp objects piercing the side of the tyre. Our tyres are specifically quality controlled for rubber content and density during the manufacturing process, giving you peace of mind knowing you are buying a quality product.


We have tested these tyres on a variety of bikes on fire trails and bush riding as well as some gravel roads and they performed excellent.  These tyres stack up to most other brands and will give you excellent performance and wear, but most of all give you fantastic value for money. We even have a number of amateur racers that use these tyres and have cut down there tyre bills on a significant level 



Rubber Content: 55%

Ply Rating: 6

Tensile Strength: 8MPA

Brand: Roadup

Quality: A+ Grade specs (above standard tyre rating)